Tuesday String Band is a bluegrass trio of young music professionals who met through the music program at Western Oregon University. They love entertaining crowds with fast pickin’, humorous onstage banter, and string band versions of music from a wide variety of styles. These boys have performed in numerous Oregon cities and are all working on building careers in music performance and music education. They're on a special mission to keep the great string band tradition alive and relevant to the younger generations right here in the beautiful Willamette Valley.

In their first year as a band, Tuesday String Band played over 100 shows throughout  Oregon and Washington, including the North Cascades Bluegrass Festival in Bellingham, WA. They were featured on KGW News Portland for their music, were named the “House Band of Monmouth, Oregon” by the town Mayor, and had an article about them published in The Bluegrass Express - the quarterly publication of the Oregon Bluegrass Association.

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